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Shelters housing hurricane pets.  
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Tis site offers links to many offsite resources which you may find useful:

You may find their "Information Links" will provide additional information which may help you. Here are some of the topics under this heading.
FAQ regarding the Katrina animal relief effort.
Contacts for people with pets needing rescue.
Contacts for people searching for rescued pets.
HSUS Katrina disaster information and resources.
FEMA Animal Health Resources and Rescue Plan.
Pet loss and bereavement resources.
FAQ regarding the Katrina animal relief effort.

Important information for SHELTERS with Katrina pets
The national animal protection organizations are appealing to shelters to extend the hold period until December 15 when possible:
Link to Humane Society Doccument on December 15 Hold Time
This is not to suggest that shelters should not foster-out Katrina pets. This is a plea to consider making any final adoption no sooner than December 15.

Also, we want to be sure you know about these resources and other information which may help with any Katrina pets you have taken in:
1) Resources (monetary) available to help your shelter deal with animals displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Link here.

2) Reimbursement (monetary) of transportation costs for animals returned to their owners. Link here.

3) "National Consensus Recommendations Interim Plan for National Pet-Owner Reunification" Document. Link here.